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Budget Travel Babes is a vibrant community of 18,000+ that welcomes all (wannabe) wanderers who identify as women. 

BTB can help you go from dreaming of adventure to doing it with budget tips, budget trips, and work + travel opportunities.

If it’s your first time here, start by reading how you can achieve your travel goals within one year.

This is your practical step-by-step guide to go from dreaming about travel to doing it.

About Chantell

An Aussie-born minimalist with an adventure addiction. My bragging rights include living in six overseas cities, visiting over 60 countries and 40 U.S. states.

I used to think that travel was only for the elite. After growing up in a working-class family, living in government housing, and wearing second-hand clothes, the idea of globetrotting sounded like a fantasy.

It took an earth-shattering job loss, horrific break up, and going broke to make me realize what I really wanted. From that point on, I put everything into saving money towards my first international trip.

When I finally started traveling at the age of 24, I was terrified! I ended up booking group tours so I wouldn’t be alone.

Thanks to the life-changing characters I met along the way (and Couchsurfing!), I was able to overcome my fears.

After my first solo travel experience, I was hooked and on the way to visiting 30 countries before turning 30.

About budget travel

I’m a BIG believer in budget travel whether you have a little or a lot of cash. “Budget travel” can represent whatever you want – from backpacking solo to taking a cheap vacation with your girlfriends, and everything in between.

Traveling on a budget provides the opportunity to roam more often and for longer as your money goes further. It also gives you access to authentic experiences you miss if (always) staying in all-inclusive resorts.

I encourage everyone to try local transportation, cuisines, and activities to get an insight into how other people live.

When you share conversations, laughs, and meals with other cultures, you’ll see the incredible similarities and fall in love with the differences.


About you

Budget travel Babes is for you! This website has been created to give you the tools you need to explore economically.

If you have a question, add a comment and I’ll get back to you. And when you see a post you like, share with it your friends so I know what type of content to keep creating.

Lastly, if you’re a woman who wants more affordable, responsible, and sustainable travel – join the Budget Travel Babes group.