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Dollar Flight Club Review 2021


Dollar Flight Club Review 2021: Is it Budget Friendly?

Over the last year or so life has basically been turned upside down for the travel industry. Today I will fill you in on a Dollar Flight Club Review 2021: Is it Budget Friendly? Or Not. If you like to travel, and like to travel by air you need to check this out.

Wherever you plan to go, if by air then you know how pricey those airplane tickets can be. Pricing of airline tickets can vary depending on where you are going, when you are going, day of the week, time of the day, where in the airplane you want to sit, and so much more.

Honestly, who can really understand why tickets are priced what they are.

Planning a trip can get downright frustrating when the last thing you are trying to do is book the airfare only to be getting confused by all the added costs, the different pricing depending on what day you want to leave or come back and what time of day you are willing to fly.

Before you plan that next vacation, I’ve outlined why you will want to give Dollar Flight Club a try.

Disclosure – This post helping you save money contains affiliate links that when clicked will earn commission for Budget Travel Babes at no cost to you.


What is Dollar Flight Club

No matter if you travel a little or travel a lot, Dollar Flight Club is right for you, your family, your friends and basically anyone with a love of budget travel that includes flying to and from their destination.

DFC is a subscription service that sends you deal alerts which help 500,000+ people save money on airfare, using technology, historical data and their flight finder experts to find the best deals leaving the airport you select when you sign up.

Keeping more money in your pocket to enjoy things at the destination you are traveling to, because you will pay less for your airfare using Dollar Flight Club.

Using email and mobile app alerts to get the deals right in front of you, the subscriber, so you can grab them before they are gone. Find a great airline deal, then book a hotel and pack your bags for the adventure you so deserve!

Is DFC Worth the Price to Join?

As I stated above, if you love to travel and travel within a budget you can’t go wrong joining DFC. Joining saves you money and time and we all know time is money these days. Nobody wants to spend hours researching the best airfare prices, right?

Purchase one annual subscription and the service will pay for itself 12-15 times because you can save on every flight you purchase.

Free Membership is great for those who might not travel as much, but still want great deals available to them.

  • Select 1 departure Airport
  • Get 3 deals a week max
  • Have ads in their flight deal alert emails
  • No domestic flights


Premium Members is more for those who travel a lot, or want to travel a lot. You really can’t go wrong with either membership but I highly recommend a premium one.

  • Can select up to 4 departure airports
  • Up to 7 deals a week per airport
  • Get Domestic Deals
  • You get deal alerts first, before free members
  • No ads (just straight flight deals)
  • Product and Service Partner Perks Discounts
  • $69 per year


Premium Plus Members

  • Same perks as a Premium member as well as
  • Notifications for business/first class seats
  • 20% off Mobile Passport Plus  – with this you can save your information in the Mobil Passport app so you can bypass customs when returning from an international flight.
  • $99 per year


When you first sign up for Dollar Flight Club you get a free 2 week trial of the premium membership.


How to Join Dollar Flight Club

Joining DFC is super easy. Enter your email address and click Get Cheap Flights, or just sign up with Google to make it quicker. Once joined, you get the free 2 week trial if you selected the premium membership.

DFC Sign Up



Pay Less, Travel More

Check out these deals that arrived in my inbox today. I love waking up to see what’s available to me because you never know when the travel bug will hit. I love to do things last minute, and with deals this sweet, I can afford to!

How about these USA destinations – these are just a few of the deals I got sent to me today. Seriously, I can fly from Minneapolis, MN. to Fort Myers, Florida for $79. That is crazy!! When we go out for dinner and drinks we spend more than $79 for one night.

DFC Weekend Getaways


If international travel is your thing you will love checking out those deals when they hit your inbox. Look at the ones offered to me today. All you have to do is join the flight club and save $500+ per ticket on a roundtrip international flight.  SWEET!

DFC Flight Deals


Daily deals to my inbox are tailored to my closest airport, that I selected when I joined. If you were told you could fly to Australia from $400 roundtrip, London from $300 roundtrip, and Bali from $350 roundtrip, wouldn’t you want to try this membership site out? 

Final Thoughts

Budget Travel Babes – I see no reason why anyone who travels a little or a lot wouldn’t want to put more money in their pocket and give Dollar Flight Club a try. What do you have to lose?

Wanderlust or Bust… Babes!