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Take the stress out of the holiday season and save money with these15 eco-friendly gift ideas for travel-lovers (for under $20).

The holiday season is a stressful time for anyone, especially when it comes to gift-buying or budgeting! We’ve put together a list to save you all the hassle – and as a bonus, all these gifts are eco-friendly and/or fairtrade.

Novica is known as the world’s largest impact marketplace with a whopping 71,993 products listed on their website at this very moment. It’s a hub for artisans around the world to sell their sustainable goods. So, anything you purchase from here supports local communities.

Additionally, Novica ensures that each order is quality-tested and packed in a certified clean environment – which I think we can all agree is a huge bonus in 2020!

It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for someone who is value-conscious but loves to travel – quality-made items that are also eco-friendly can easily add up to be quite expensive, which is why we’ve created a list of gift ideas for under $20!

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5 eco-friendly gifts for her (them/ze)

Cotton Worry Dolls from Guatemala

Have you heard of worry dolls before? Traditionally, worry dolls were used for children to tell their worries to, before hiding the doll beneath their pillows. Nowadays, they are used by adults and children alike. This collection of twelve worry dolls are handcrafted by The Lopez Garcia Family of Guatemala and would be ideal for both experienced and first-time travelers (who may have a lot of worry or angst about their upcoming journey ahead!)

Artisan Crafted Natural Fiber Notebook from Indonesia

Some form of a notebook is a must for any travel-lover, be it for journaling when on the road, using it to plan ahead for future travels, or placing polaroids between its pages. This 40-page notebook is crafted from banana bark, bamboo, rice straw paper, agel grass cord, and card stock – and is the perfect size for any backpack.

High-Polish Copper Cuff Bracelet from Mexico

Not everyone is a fan of jewelry, but this beautiful high-polish copper cuff bracelet is both subtle and stylish at once. Handcrafted by Mexican artisans Rosy and Daniel, this bracelet is versatile enough to look lovely with any outfit and is an elegant gift.

Floral Teakwood Bookmark from Costa Rica

This sweet Teakwood bookmark is a charming gift for anyone that likes to bring a book (or journal) on the road with them. The bookmark was inspired by the flora of the city of Sarchi and created by Costa Rica’s Chaverri Brothers. Not only can this gift be used over and over again, but it’s also a much more thoughtful option than using random receipts as a bookmark as some people do!

Coconut Shell and Lava Stone Pendant from Guatemala

For anyone that sometimes needs a little reminder on their travels, this necklace with a coconut shell pendant is perfect for even the experienced traveler who sometimes needs to remember to just have hope!

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5 eco-friendly gifts for him (them/ze)

Artisan Crafted Upcycled Teakwood Puzzle from Java

This puzzle is not only good for the mind but is also wonderfully and intricately handcrafted from recycled wood. This upcycled Teakwood puzzle will offer hours of entertainment on long journeys!

Undyed Cotton, Pleated 2-Layer Mask from Guatemala

A must-have for any traveler going into 2021, these cotton masks are not only safe but eco-friendly too. The masks are fully lined and reusable and have been created by Luisa Villavicencio – with the use of natural colors and no dye.

Soda Pop-Top Coin Purse from Brazil

No matter where you travel, you’ll always end up with lots of spare coins. Your travel-lover can keep them safe and sound in this coin purse which doubles up the artist’s personal statement for environmental responsibility.

Coconut Shell Beaded Necklace from Thailand

This trendy handmade necklace is a must-have for any traveler who needs reminding of past adventures. The design is made up of natural shades and is inspired by the days when jewelry was crafted from natural materials.

Handcrafted Wood Body Jewelry from Indonesia

These funky earplugs are crafted by hand by Komang Agus Saptura to combine earth textures with the use of coconut wood, crocodile wood, and sono wood. Ideal for anyone who enjoys a slower pace of travel and indulges in the beauty of nature, these earplugs are also super versatile.

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5 eco-friendly gifts for the home

Stainless Steel Straws and Storage Pouch from Bali

Any eco-friendly traveler will revel in the chance to use these reusable stainless steel straws that can be taken on future travels or kept at home. The straws are created by Balinese artisan Nastiti and come with a cleaning brush and a batik cotton storage pouch.

Artisan Crafted Hand Beaded Coasters from India

This set of hand-beaded coasters are the perfect way to bring adventure back into a home with lavish beadwork creating a pattern of ferns. By Parvez A. Warsi in India, the coasters are backed with velvet and come with a drawstring pouch.

Artisan Crafted Natural Fibers Photo Frame from Indonesia

This natural fibers photo frame is the perfect way to show off photos from past travels – the only problem will be trying to decide the best photo to frame! The frame is a statement in ecological artistry and is crafted by hand in Indonesia.

Artisan Crafted Floral Metal Candle Holder from Peru

This bright and funky candle holder is designed by Peruvian artisan Teofilo Araujo and is the perfect example of the bold colors of Peruvian adventures. The design is handcrafted from recycled metal and will brighten up any home this winter!

Handmade Sawo Wood Sugar Spoons from Bali

Part of the beauty of traveling is sharing your stories and experiences with friends post-adventure, and these sawo wood sugar spoons from Bali are the perfect excuse to bring some friends together for dinner and story-swapping. The six sugar spoons are created by Rian Kusuma in Bali, with each spoon carved by hand.

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Take the stress out of the holiday season and save money with these15 eco-friendly gift ideas for travel-lovers (for under $20).

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