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Making Your Summer Travel Pleasurable for Everyone

Making Your Summer Travel Pleasurable for Everyone

It’s summer, and time to travel but before you do make sure you read my tips on making your summer travel pleasurable for everyone involved. Travel is supposed to be relaxing and fun, and it can be with my tips.

Summer vacation is a time that you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives. From the best memories, to the tiny disputes, every moment is imprinted in the mind of each individual who was there.

When you travel as a group, you will want every person to have equally happy memories. Here are some ways you can tilt the odds in favor of that actually happening.

Attend to Basic Needs

A family or group will have a better time in general when no one is sleep-deprived or overly hungry. If you keep mealtimes at a predictable time each day, and try to implement a regular time for everyone to get to bed, things will generally run much more smoothly.

An overtired, over-sugared, over-hungry family is a recipe for disaster. So do your best to stick to schedules and meet basic needs as fully as possible. Healthy snacks on hand at all times is key as well because when everyone is busy, everyone gets hungry.

Resolve Conflicts Quickly

Arguments can snowball quickly when on vacation, am I right? Experiencing new situations together is both bonding and draining. Many times fights occur not over what you are doing, but just because everyone has different ideas.

If someone begins arguing, insist that the conflict be resolved in a satisfactory way to both parties involved. Bad situations can get out of hand quickly when people are confined in small spaces together, and it is better to solve problems immediately.

Arguing over things while on vacation can be very hurtful and draining and ruin what is left of the vacation. Nobody wants to have that weighing on them after the vacation is over. Maybe, agree to disagree and move on.

Don’t Let a Disagreement Turn into a Group Fight

When everyone is together almost every waking moment, it can be easy to intrude on the personal business of other individuals. Resist the temptation to get involved in a personal dispute. It is much better to let two people work out their disagreement, instead of it turning into a big family brawl.

Have you ever been there done that? To many time to count in my case and I have learned it best to walk away if the disagreement doesn’t involve me personally. Things do have a way of working out.

Take Turns Making Decisions

They want to go there, we want to go here, so where should we go? This discussion happens even in the best of situations.

Everyone has a voice, and everyone wants to know that their voice will be heard. When you are making decisions such as where to eat and what activities to spend your limited time on, try your best to ensure that everyone takes turns choosing.

Perhaps you have one child that would gladly eat at a local chicken fast-food joint for every meal, and another who prefers fine dining. Within reason, and the confines of your financial budget, let everyone take turns choosing restaurants, meals and activities.

Make a List of Each Individual’s Non-Negotiables

People tend to have their own non-negotiables when traveling and that is great but when traveling in a group that can be hard to really stick to.

When you are on your summer travels, it is likely that each individual will have their own personal agenda. It is easy to give way to the loudest voice, but a wise leader will keep things fair.

Make a list of each person’s non-negotiables, or the activities and such that they most want to do. After coming up with the list, make a way for everyone to reach at least a few of their goals for the trip.

Take Five

Days can be long and people can start getting on each others nerves when you are spending every waking minute together. There is no harm in taking five (or an hour or more) to just sit alone and do something you like to do, alone.

Grab your mobile device or computer and play some games, because that is a great way to destress and get your mind off what’s going on around you. Gaming is a great release. Check out and let your mind wonder.

So many fun games to choose from. Arcade classics, pinball, simulation games and so much more. I love the Supermarket Game. Oh My… I can sit and play that forever and let my brain just get so wrapped up in it. Supermarket Game

Final Thoughts

Summer travel is a great way to reconnect with family, and learn how to work together even better than you already do. There are ways you can make your travel more pleasurable for everyone involved, and it is worth the time and planning.

A little extra organization, budgeting and compassion can go a long way in ensuring that everyone has a great time.