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Whether you want to work from home or while traveling the world, a remote career provides so much freedom. Here’s a guide on how to become a Virtual Assistant with no experience or a degree.

Craving the freedom to take vacations whenever you want, setting your own hours, and working anywhere there’s Wi-Fi? But don’t think you have the skills or experience to get a remote job? Or maybe you don’t want to spend years figuring out how to make real money online (like me).

Working online can be a real way to make money… without having to recruit your friends or sell face creams. Here’s proof! Esther Inman was a burnout military spouse and Mom who walked away from the corporate world without a plan. Six years later, she’s developed multi-6 figure businesses and helped over 2000 women work online.

Now, she teaches women (and men!) just like you and me how to become a Virtual Assistant with no experience. Virtual Assistants (VAs) are in high demand right now and have a lower barrier to entry than most jobs. Virtual assistant skills are easy to pick up and are one of the most flexible jobs you can do online without a degree.

By working as a virtual assistant, you’ll not only have the skills to work from wherever you want in the world, but you’ll also have the expertise to set your own rates, hours, and even what kind of services you’d like to offer.

Esther’s virtual assistant training program, 90 Day VA, teaches the top virtual assistant skills that businesses are looking for, so you can get hired asap for jobs that pay virtual assistant rates up to $20-$30 USD per hour. Her students are posting every day to share that they’ve landed their first client.

This comprehensive course teaches you everything you need to know to become a virtual assistant – in just 90 days! You’ll learn a variety of skills you’ll need to set up your own virtual assistant business, from content repurposing and social media management to set up templates and contracts.

Worried you haven’t got what it takes to become a VA?

This course has got you covered. Esther also focuses on nurturing the right mindset to ensure you don’t get caught up with those negative impostor syndrome worries.

Enrolment for 90 Day VA  has opened once more, so don’t miss your chance to take part. Enrolment CLOSES on February 15, 2021. Click below to sign up and get access immediately.

What does 90 Day VA entail?

This virtual assistant program is made up of 11 comprehensive modules, each of which are split up into shorter lessons ranging from videos to presentations. Some lessons even have homework tasks that help you put those skills into practice and can double up as part of your portfolio once the course is complete.

The first couple of modules focus on getting started with the course itself – for example how to go through this course (with helpful tips like time blocking to dedicate time to the course), and an overview of some of the programs you’ll be using throughout the course.

The 90 Day VA course topics are as follows:

  • Upping Your Content Repurposing Skills
  • Ghostwriting Blogs With SEO
  • Getting Started With Social Media
  • All Things Instagram
  • Mastering Pinterest as a VA
  • Podcasting Editing & Management
  • Video Editing & Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lite Web Management

It’s important to remember that even if you don’t know the first thing about some of these topics, you’ll still come away from this course with the skills you need for each. Each module teaches you from scratch. And if you do already have experience with some of these topics? You’ll no doubt grow those skills further.

For example, I have been blogging for over ten years now. During that time I’ve also dabbled in SEO for my blog, as well as social media. I’ve still learned a whole lot since starting this course, even in regards to the blogging modules.

Whereas most of the module topics are quite self-explanatory, 90 Day VA also includes vital steps on how to put those skills into action. The blogging module, for example, talks you through a walkthrough of what it’s like to put together a blog post from start to finish. The module also covers what programs are necessary or helpful to blog (such as Canva), and teaches you the basics of SEO you need for blogging.

Additional benefits offered alongside 90 Day VA

As well as a total crash course in the above modules – the course offers further benefits.

Once you sign up, you can join Esther’s exclusive VAI Members Club on Facebook. This group allows you to share your homework to get feedback from other course members and offers weekly calls with Esther’s team and Esther herself to help keep you motivated or tackle any questions you may have.

Esther also posts regular job postings that are exclusively available to any students of the course. This means that even if you’ve just started, the virtual companies hiring know exactly what type of expertise they’ll get from taking on students directly from the group.

This is a great way to get over the hurdle of imposter syndrome!

As you make your way through the course, you’ll also find yourself creating content that can then be used for your final portfolio. Before you’re even hired by anyone or taken on any clients, the course itself will help you create a portfolio full of work.

You can also gain access to a portfolio mentor for an additional small price. This includes six months of one-on-one support from a member of Esther’s team, who will review your portfolio and answer any questions you may have.

90 Day VA even includes a ‘When to apply’ checklist. Because Esther knows you want to get started on your VA journey as soon as possible, she has outlined the very basic requirements – and how much of the course you should have completed – before applying for roles.

Many students apply – and get hired for! – roles before they’ve even completed the course.

Skills you can develop from enrolling in 90 Day VA

I almost feel like it would be quicker for me to list what skills can’t be developed from this course!

In a nutshell, 90 Day VA teaches you everything you need to know about virtual assisting – and dabbles in most skills needed for digital marketing.

The course focuses on some of the most in-demand virtual assistant services. These skills include calendar management, blog writing, running social media accounts, focusing on engagement or even something as simple as organising a client’s projects or email inbox!

From a marketing stance, the course dabbles in SEO, creating content such as reels for Instagram or TikTok videos and running email marketing campaigns.

The beauty of 90 Day VA is that it comprehensively covers a variety of different skills – some of which you may find you prefer more than others. Upon completion of the course, you can then pick and choose which skills you enjoyed investing in the most and what services you’d like to offer as a VA.

For example, I started the course with plenty of prior experience in blogging and general VA admin. I have always enjoyed the administrative tasks that come alongside virtual assisting and I love the creative side of creating content for social media. As I’ve further progressed through the course, I’ve also found myself drawn to content repurposing, pinterest management and podcast editing. These are all skills that I’m excited to learn and excel in – and they’re additional skills I’ll soon to be offer to my clients too.

Additionally, all the skills are really fun to learn!

Remote working roles you could apply for thanks to 90 Day VA

90 Day VA helps you set up your own virtual assisting course, from getting set up on social media all the way through to what programs to use when sending out contracts or invoices.

You’ll get to the point where you’ll want to offer your own services out to potential clients, but you’ll also more than likely see different roles you’d like to apply for.

There’s an endless list of jobs you can do from home without a degree thanks to this course:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Content Creator
  • Video Script Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Blog Manager
  • Podcast Creator
  • Graphic Designer

Each role is varied, but you can obtain all the skills you need from 90 Day VA!

If there’s one thing you should take away from this blog post, it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to invest your time into this course. You don’t need to know all the skills or have a degree to become a travel virtual assistant. Many of the basic skills you already have – it may just be that you’re not in the right mindset to apply them.

Often, it can be scary to jump in head first, especially when the reward is so great. We’re all guilty of feeling afraid of failing or scared to do what we need to do to shift our lifestyle and achieve a better work-life balance.

With Esther’s comprehensive program, you’ll find answers to everything you need to know – plus a lifetime of knowledge – to help you take that leap and excel in the skills you know you already have.

Want to earn more? Sign up for access to 25+ job boards and Facebook groups with remote work opportunities – for FREE!

90 Day VA online program

Budget Travel Babes who became Virtual Assistants

It’s Diana here. I am currently making the transition to working online and am so glad I made such a decision. I came across the 90 Day VA program through an online search on Google as I have always wanted to work online but never knew how to get started or where.

I also wanted a program that would have a step-by-step guide on how to work online and the 90 Day VA program is such. I have been able to acquire more skills and knowledge in Social Media Management and PR. I have also learned tips on how to get started and put together my portfolio.

Well, thanks to the supportive 90 Day VA members-only Facebook group, I have also been able to get feedback and learn from others thus never getting stuck along the way.

My long-term plan is to be able to work remotely because it is so empowering to be my own boss and work any time I want… And also travel a bit, as I like to travel (been to Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, the UAE, and still counting).

As I am just getting started but excited, I will keep you updated on how it all goes.

See a day in the life of a freelancer with Louise, our Content Writer and Virtual Assistant.

Diana Virtual Assistant

Still unsure? Check out Esther’s FREE online class to learn what a Virtual Assistant is (and isn’t), how to find legit work without experience, and everything you need to start your virtual career.

You’ve got this!

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How to become a Virtual Assistant with no experience

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