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Whether you want to work from home or while traveling the world, a remote career provides so much freedom. In this video, Esther Inman shares how to transition to the laptop lifestyle as a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Craving the freedom to take vacations whenever you want, setting your own hours, and working anywhere there’s Wi-Fi?

Working online can be a real way to make money… without having to recruit your friends or sell face creams.

Here’s proof! Esther Inman was a burnout military spouse and Mom who walked away from the corporate world without a plan. Six years later, she’s developed multi-6 figure businesses and helped over 2000 women work online.

That’s why I knew she would be the perfect person to answer all your burning questions such as:

  • 10:40 – What kind of work can be done online?
  • 24:00 – Do I need to start a business to work online?
  • 30:00 – Where can I search for online jobs?
  • 36:00 – How do I avoid “get-rich-quick” scams?
  • 44:45 – Is it really possible to work online and travel long-term?
  • 52:35 – How do I get started without experience or skills?

Watch the video below to get the answers!

How to become a Virtual Assistant with no experience



Esther also has a video with Tips to Spot An Online Job Scam.

Learn how to become a Virtual Assistant (VA) in 90 days

Don’t think you have the skills or experience to get a remote job? Or maybe you don’t want to spend years figuring out how to make real money online (like me).

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are in high demand right and have a lower barrier to entry than most jobs. Trust me, as a business owner, this is usually the first position a new business will hire for. I’ve had a VA for years.

Esther’s program, 90 Day VA, teaches the top skills that businesses are looking for, so you can get hired asap for jobs that pay up to $20-$30 USD per hour. Her students are posting every day to share that they’ve landed their first client.

Enrolment for 90 Day VA is CLOSING on January 14, 2021. So, don’t miss out! Click below to sign up and get access immediately.

90 Day VA online program

Still unsure? Check out Esther’s FREE online class to learn what a Virtual Assistant is (and isn’t), how to find legit work without experience, and everything you need to start your virtual career.

Want to earn more? See how Debbi made over $1000 on Fiverr in her first month.

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Learn how to become a successful Virtual Assistant (VA) without any experience! Read more about how to do this in 90 days or less.

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